SFF's mission is to raise and expend funds for the benefit of a child (or Children) in need. Every year they will sponsor a child, raise money for medical expenses, traveling cost, future expenses, and also make them apart of The Family.

They do this by producing The Southern Firefighters Calendar. They Travel to various Fire and EMS expos, Conventions, and any other PR to promote their mission to others. Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. raises awareness that if you can do ONE small random act of kindness, it could changes that child's life forever. 

The pages of the SFF Calendar are graced with men and women from across the Southeast. They are all FIREFIGHTERS. The Men and Women serve their communities as paid and/or volunteer firefighters. The men and women selected to be featured in the calendar exemplify fitness, moral character, good health, and profession in the fire service. 

These firefighters are here to make a difference in children's lives that needs it the most. They are not just firefighters; they are role models for the younger generation. "They live today, fight tomorrow."