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Ryan McVey- Logistics





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SFF's mission is to raise and expend funds for the benefit of a child (or Children) in need. Every year they will sponsor a child, raise money for medical expenses, traveling cost, future expenses, and also make them apart of The Family.

They do this by producing The Southern Firefighters Calendar. They Travel to various Fire and EMS expos, Conventions, and any other PR to promote their mission to others. Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. raises awareness that if you can do ONE small random act of kindness, it could changes that child's life forever. 

The pages of the SFF Calendar are graced with men and women from across the Southeast. They are all FIREFIGHTERS. The Men and Women serve their communities as paid and/or volunteer firefighters. The men and women selected to be featured in the calendar exemplify fitness, moral character, good health, and profession in the fire service. 

These firefighters are here to make a difference in children's lives that needs it the most. They are not just firefighters; they are role models for the younger generation. They fight today for the cure tomorrow. Southern Firefighters Foundation all started with a young girl named Kyley. This young sweetheart was fighting a rare-type of cancer only at the age of 17. This was her 2nd time fighting for her life with this type of Cancer. She has been getting treated but unfortunately treatment was unsuccessful. With the help of our 2016-2017 Sponsors Kyley was given Honorary-JR Firefighter status through our Foundation, as well as her family was able to pay some of the medical bills that was accumulated durning treatment(s). Young Kyley grew her wings on 03/17/17. 

Young Kyley set a fire for something great. She has become a sister to these men and women that started this mission for her. Kyley will not be forgotten. Any other child that needs help The Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. will be there to fight for them. Kyley’s Legend will forever live on!  

- Heather McVey (Foundation Manager) 

**Courtney Cox (VP/ Secretary/Treasurer)

**Malachi Moser (Communications)

**Ryan McVey (Logistics)

Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor for our 2017-2018

Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. Calendar year. Our mission started as a way to help our young friend, Kyley that was being treated for cancer (as you read above). 

We are working with local Hospitals, Children’s hospitals in Atlanta and Hospitals around the coast to find another Child to make a difference in their life. Each Child that is Sponsored through SFF will receive Honorary-JR Firefighter status through Southern Firefighters Foundation CO. 

Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. Is working on trying to get the funds to travel to multiple hospitals through out the year to visit with children that can not leave the hospital due to their current situation(s). SFF is also working on funds for “bunker-style” gear, for their up coming P.Rs, hospital visits, photo shoots, and much more. 

Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. will be starting production on their 2018 Calendar which will be featuring Men (Firefighters), Women (Firefighters) and Children. ALL Proceeds that are raised off the Calendars goes to Children! 

That’s were YOU come in, through sponsorships like yours SFF will be able to get the calendars out to the public for sales. Our men and women will be donating their time to go to different locations to sell the calendars. The calendars will also be available through online ordering at southernfirefighters.com

If you have any question please feel free to contact Ryan McVey at 912-604-8304 or RPMCVEYFIRE15@GMAIL.COM

Thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to working with you.





Gold Sponsor

- Full Back Page of Calendar

- Large Business Name/ Logo on Banner

- Business Name/Logo on T-Shirts

- Business Name/Logo on Facebook page and Website

- 3 Calendar(s) Included

-3 Shirt(s) Included









Silver Sponsor

Business Name or Logo next to the Calendar Days 

(GET 30 Days of people seeing your business Name or Logo)

- Business Name/Logo on Banner

- Business Name/Logo on T-Shirts

- Business Name/Logo on Facebook page and Website

- 2 Calendar Included

-2 Shirt Included







Bronze Sponsor

- Full Page in Calendar

- Business Name or Logo on Banner

- Business Name or Logo on T-Shirts

- Business Name/Logo on Facebook page and Website

-1 Calendar Included

- 1 Shirt Included







Blue Sponsor 

-1/2 Page in Calendar

- Business Name or Logo on T-Shirts

- Business Name/Logo on Facebook page and Website

- 1 Calendar Included

- 1 Shirt Included



Red Sponsor

- Business Card in Calendar

  • Business Name/Logo on Facebook page and Website
  • -1 Calendar Included








Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. is a non-profit/501c3 organization.

ALL donations/sponsorships are TAX deductible. 




**Checks Make payable to: 

“Southern Firefighters Foundation Co. or SFF Co.” 

**Credit or Debit Card: Online @ southernfirefighters.com 

Go under ->Shop, ->Sponsorship, 

->then check out like you would a regular shopping cart online.  (an email will be sent to you) 


ALL payments can mailed to:

“Southern Firefighters” 

1114 B Southbend Dr 

Statesboro GA 30458